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A simple calculator application that allows users to work out both small and complex maths equations. The application was designed to be clean and visually appealing, with a large clear user interface and few colours. The large buttons allow users to quickly and efficiently work out their mathematical equations and have an answer displayed on screen. The application also displays the user’s previous answer as well as there current one in case they require both.

I decided to incorporate a bright gradient background in order to maintain the simplistic art style that I planned, as well as to keep the user interface clean and uncluttered.


The application automatically saves every answer of every equation that the user makes and displays it in a table view format. This takes place in a separate view so as not to clutter the main calculator view. Users can simply navigate to the answers view where they can see all of their answers presented to them in chronological order.

The application also automatically saves the equation used to achieve each answer and displays it in a table view. Therefore users can come back to their answers for future reference if they should ever need to remember how they got to each one.


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