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I went about creating a weather application, with the aim of delivering users a multitude of weather data on a city of their choice. To get such weather data I needed to utilise a weather API, I chose OpenWeatherMap as it offers a variety of both current and forecast data. When a user first opens the application, it gets their coordinates and displays the current and forecast weather data for that specific location.

I decided to use a bright gradient background in order to illustrate a vibrant yet simple feel, as well as to keep the user interface clean so that users can easily see the data. The background colours also dynamically change in relation to the temperature of the city that the user is getting data for.


MySky retrieves two sets of forecast data for users and displays them in an easy to ready table format. One is an hourly forecast, which shows the rest of the days’ weather forecast in three-hour intervals. The other is a daily forecast that presents the weather predictions for the next seven days.

I decided minimal data was required here as not to confuse users and allow them to check the forecast in a matter of seconds. Here a slightly more visual method was needed for displaying the data, so the use of icons was incorporated. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to understand the weather forecast without having to read through and compare data against each other.


Users may not just want to check the weather in their current location, but instead wish to check the weather of another city that they might be visiting soon or just to research out of interest. Therefore I added a feature where users can search from a database of thousands of cities across the globe. They simply type the name of the city into a search bar and the application with filter out the other unwanted choices.

MySky then presents the filtered cities in a table, which users can select to get the data for that city. I wanted to keep the design of this as simple as possible so that users wouldn’t need any guides and could just pick up the application and know how to use it immediately.


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