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Having to read through a bunch of different applications and websites to get all of the latest news can be a pain. Therefore I created an RSS feed reader that allows users to quickly gain access to all of the latest news articles from a variety of news corporations, technology websites, blogs and more. The application downloads a given websites RSS feed’s in XML format.

The application retrieves these articles and presents them in a clean table format, thus providing users with an efficient method of scrolling through the headlines in order to find something of interest. I chose to implement such a clean design trend as there is a multitude of information provided on the screen and it was important to keep the application both easy to use and navigable.


The application offers users a diverse mixture of feeds to pick from, including both worldwide news corporations and smaller independent websites. Users can either search for a specific feed name, or through a list of all of the feeds in alphabetical order. Therefore users never have trouble finding exactly what feeds they want.

A further feature is that users can share any of the articles or blog posts on their Facebook and or Twitter. This gives the application a social element, as sharing news on social media has in recent years become arguably the fastest ways of communicating what’s going on in the world.


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