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Long story short.

I am an experienced and driven software developer with a passion for hand crafting beautiful iOS and Flutter applications as well as Unity games and websites. I strive to continuously strengthen both my technical and soft skills while moving and innovating with the field of tech.

City Explorer

An upcoming city explorer application for iOS that enhances a users experience of discovering a new city. The application will be built using the latest Apple technologies for iOS 13, including Swift 5 and SwiftUI.

Price Comparison App

An upcoming price comparison application for iOS and Android, that provides users with a detailed comparison of a number of establishments within the U.K. Planning to release on the Apple App Store and Google Play later this year.


A forthcoming application that allows providers of Fwip branded frozen youghart to manage, monitor and purchase their stocks. We worked closely with the client to adapt the look and feel, as well as adding both the needed and additional features.


Get highly qualified doctors delivered straight to your door quickly and efficiently. The application allows users to book both home visits and phone consultations, to an assortment of working areas throughout London.


With the arrival of iMessage applications in iOS 10 and the huge sticker trend that followed, we handcrafted a number of hipster styled illustrations, which offer many giggles for all of your messaging needs.


To combat a variety of challenges from a number of cycling experiences, the application both keeps riders cycling in the right direction, tracks their location for safety and also allows them to instantly contact the staff team in case of emergencies.


For users who want a healthier lifestyle, this application offers guidance in a number of different exercises and recipes as well as fitness tracking and a HIIT timer to help them achieve their physical goals.

Sleep Matters

A sleep tracking application created for the bed specialist Dreams, users can track how they sleep throughout the night, monitor their movement and analyze their different phases of awake, light and deep sleep.